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Curso de Inglés Intermedio: Gramática Clase 18

Adjective comparisons: as

Focus on construction of comparisons with as + adjective + as
Is working abroad as good as they say? Let’s compare professions or places to live by classifying and comparing their characteristics. Compare the place where you live now with a place where you used to live.

Affirmative and Negative
As... As / Not as ... As

My laptop is as modern as yours. They are very similar.
Desktop computers aren't as practical as laptop computers.

Adjective comparisons: as

1. This pear is as hard as that one.
2. This horse is as strong as that.
3. These trousers are as expensive as those.
4. She is not as old as she looks.
5. The town centre was not as crowded as usual.
6. I’m sorry I’m late. I got here as fast as I could.
7. I’m quite tall, but you are taller. I’m not as tall as you.
8. Rome is not as old as Athens. It was built earlier.
9. My room is bigger than yours. Your room is not as big as mine.
10. I’m not as tall as he is. He is much taller than me.
11. My car is not as fast as yours. You can drive faster.
12. I’m as old as my sister. We were both born in 1984.
13. She sings as well as her sister. They are really good.
14. This curtain is as long as the other.
15. These scales are as precise as those.
16. She is not as fat as her brother. She is slimmer.
17. The film as interesting as I expected. I really enjoyed it.
18. This exercise is as easy as the other one. It’s very simple.
19. His DVD player was as cheap as mine. We paid the same price.
20. She is not as smart as her brother. He is really intelligent.