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Curso de Inglés Intermedio: Gramática Clase 11

Past perfect: structure and use

Introduction to past perfect to emphasize completed actions in the past.
How old were you when you graduated from university. Before that, had you already gotten a job? Had you already traveled abroad? Choose a point of reference in the past and tell us about the things you had already done or you hadn’t before that.

Questions and Negative
Had you played the guitar before we met?

We hadn't had the chance to talk until now.
I had never seen such a beautiful beach before I went to Colombia.

  • My dad had cut the grass.
  • I hadn't washed the car.
  • Had she ridden her bike?
  • The train had left already.
  • Sam hadn't phoned us.
  • Had it snowed a lot?
  • We hadn't had dinner.
  • It had drunk some water.
  • He had read a ghost story.
  • Had she made her bed?