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Curso de Inglés Intermedio: Gramática Clase 08

Future simple with be + going to

Focus on future simple with be + going to.
Using expressions such as going to, tell us about the plans that you have for the next month. Remember these are activities that are very likely to happen.

Be Going To
We use be + going to + verb to express plans or actions that are very likely to occur in the future.
Example: I am going to visit my family next weekend, I have the plane tickets already.

Questions and Negative
Are you going to work next weekend?
What is he going to do after work?

She is not going to go with us to party

Future Simple

Future Prediction
The sun will rise at 7am.

Promises / Requests / Refusals / Offers
I'll help with your homework.

Future Conditionals
If it doesn't rain, we'll go to the park.
Use with: the first conditional.

Plans and Intentions
A: We've run out of milk.
B: I know. I'm going to buy some.

Future Prediction
The sky is getting darker and darker. It's going to rain.