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Curso de Inglés Intermedio: Gramática Clase 22

Past modals: would have

Introductions constructions with would + present perfect forms to express changes in past actions forme one’s own perspective.

You can talk talk about regrets or advices in the past from your perspective. Using would, Tell us what would you have done in the situation provided.

Explanation: You can express the wish for something different in the past. Also, you can express results for hypothetical situations in the past.

Wish for Something Different in the Past
Structure: Subject + Would + Have + Past Participle

  • I would have come earlier, but the traffic was horrible.
  • She would have brought the book for you, but you didn't tell her.
  • We would have practiced yesterday, but the rain was too heavy.
Hypothetical Situations in the Past
Structure: If + Past Perfect + Subject + Would have + Past Participle
  • If I had known about the party, I would have invited some friends over.
  • If she had heard you when you talked about it, she would have been very angry