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Curso de Inglés Intermedio: Gramática Clase 20

Phrasal verbs: constructions and possibilities part 2

Presentation of the second group of phrasal verbs of this course, this time we focus on expressions and phrasal verbs associated with time adverbs and time expressions.

Sometimes we focus on the general part of things so, we don’t pay attention to little details, let’s use those expressions we learned to show more specificity and detail in our compositions.

Explanation: There are many different combinations of verbs and particles and new phrasal verbs are created frequently. There are some popular combinations that are often used though.

Examples with Get

  • Get along: Me and my cousins get along just fine. We never argue.
  • Get by: Sometimes it is very difficult to get by with just one job.
  • Get in: The door is open, please get in!
  • Get off: This is our stop, let's get off the bus.
  • Get to: Let me know when you get to your home.
  • Get up: I usually get up at 6am.
Examples with Take
  • Take away: We don't need the table here, take it away.
  • Take off: Please take your shoes off before coming.
  • Take out: The car is ready, I took it out for a test and it works just fine.
  • Take over: After the merge, their company took over ours.
Examples with Look
  • Look after: Since my brother was born, I've had to look after him.
  • Look back: Sometimes it is good to look back and remember happy moments.
  • Look for: I lost my keys, I've been looking for them all over the place.
  • Look into: The investigators are looking into the case, the might solve it.
  • Look forward to: I am very excited about my vacations. I am looking forward to travel to Europe.