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Curso de Inglés Intermedio: Gramática Clase 07

Past continuous: ongoing actions that get interrupted

Introduction to past continuous as a form to set contexts.
Did you ever meet a famous person? did you witness something unusual? what were you doing? Tell us about it in a short paragraph.

Structure > The past continuous is formed using was/were + present participle
Example> I was watching a movie
We expect more information. There is when we use an event or something to give a close to the sentence.
Example 2 > I was watching a movie... when the lights went down.

Questions and Negative

Were you studying at the library?
What were you doing there so early?

I wasn't doing anything special when you arrived.

Past continuous

Story Background > The birds were singing and the sun was shining. Amy sat down.
Use with: the past simple.

Overlapping Action > I was walking to the station when I met John.
Use with: when + past simple, two o'clock 7pm.

Some Past Habits > She was constantly singing.
Use with: always, forever, constantly, at that time in those days.

Emphasis Of Length Of Action > I was working in the garden all day.
Use with: all day, all evening, for hours.